19th September 2017

The International Fruit and Vegetable Association (IFU). IFU Recommendation no. 15 (2017) Basic quality systems for juice laboratories

The great news is that IFU methods are there to make your juice analysis life easier!

The method collection holds a comprehensive list of procedures that have been specifically developed and validated for fruit and vegetable juice products. This is not always the case with other methods.

Having the appropriate IFU method is a good start but there are additional challenges to ensure a method is appropriately applied in the laboratory or factory environment.

Help is on its way though. IFU recommendation number 15 has been published by the Methods of Analysis Commission to assist Laboratory Managers as to the type of checks and controls they should consider adopting to ensure their lab produce reliable data. It includes topics on;

  • Documentation
  • Training records
  • Servicing / calibration
  • Quality Assurance samples
  • QA sample analysis and charts
  • Performance analysis schemes
  • Data management

IFU methods are by the industry experts, for the industry.

IFU corporate members or subscribers can download their copy via the website using their log in details:

If you are not an IFU member or subscriber please contact for more information, or visit the above website for details.

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