12th March 2017

Naked Juice will change labels after accusation that they’re misleading

Following a lawsuit claiming that the labels on Pepsico’s Naked Juice brand bottles misled consumers about the product’s real ingredients Pepsico have agreed to update the labels. For some disputed flavors like “Kale Blazer,” Pepsico were alleged to have used misleading imagery and did not accurately convey the juice’s main ingredient — orange juice. PepsiCo and Naked Juice have denied these allegations, but will however proceed with label changes which will include more accurate imagery, a list of the drink’s ingredients in order of prominence, text that states whether the product is a “Fruit Juice,” “Fruit & Veggie Juice,” or a smoothie and reduced text font for the bottles’ “100% Juice” and “No Sugar Added” claims plus an asterisked statement saying that the product is “not a low-calorie food.”

Source: Fortune

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