2nd August 2017

High demand for Australian oranges from China forces local juice companies to import stocks

AUSTRALIA   With China being one of Australia’s biggest export markets for oranges, Australian juice companies are being forced to use imported oranges in their products due to a shortage caused by a huge demand this summer from the Chinese.

The Daily Juice Company, one of Australia’s leading orange juice producers said that the shortage should only last for a few more weeks. “There is currently a national shortage of oranges for juicing in Australia and as a result we have moved to using 100 per cent imported juice to ensure we can continue to manufacture Daily Juice and have it available for consumers on the shelves,” said a spokeswoman for Lion, which owns the Daily Juice Company. “This includes a majority of imported orange juice from Spain, which is known for its high quality juicing oranges,” she said. “We expect to use large volumes of imported orange juice until around mid-August. This is a short-term solution until the new local navel season is available.”



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