11th September 2017

Coca-Cola plan growth of juice business in India

INDIA. Coca-Cola are planning on making India its third largest global market where at the moment the country trails the US, Mexico, China, Brazil and Japan in sixth place. The company sees its growth in India as coming from its portfolio of juice and juice drinks and carbonated drinks with juice products. To this end Coca-Cola are investing close to USD800 Million between now and 2022 in procuring processed fruit pulp and fruit concentrate for these juice products. At present Dabur with their Real juices dominate India‘s packaged juices market with more than 50% of the sector in value and volume terms, ahead of the Tropicana brand from PepsiCo. Other companies growing in this space with their locally produced drinks are ITC’s B-Natural and Paper Boat.

Source: Livemint

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