13th July 2020

US – Frozen juice market sees growth beyond pandemic buying

Old Orchard Brands, in the US reports seeing a renewed consumer interest in the frozen juice category, which has experienced triple-digit sales growth amid COVID-19 pandemic buying, according to data from Information Resources Inc. This information indicates consumers in the US are buying frozen juices at the highest rate seen in years.

The reversal of trends marks a major change in buying habits, contradicting what the category has seen during the past two decades of steady declines. As states reopen and shopping behaviour patterns continue to shift, sustained double-digit sales increases in frozen juice concentrates suggest longer-term stabilization and revitalization of the category, the company says.  “While we have seen a tremendous spike in frozen juice sales over the past 12 weeks, we are optimistic that these levels will remain elevated as we move forward,” said Kevin Miller, Old Orchard vice president of marketing, in a statement. “We understand much of the initial category growth is a result of consumers’ ‘panic buying’, but the numbers have remained strong as stay-at-home orders have lifted, and restrictions have loosened. This leads us to believe that the frozen juice category, among others, has been reshaped by new consumer purchasing habits.”BevIndustry

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