11th November 2020

Global – Diabetes Diet: this Karela-Palak juice may help manage blood sugar levels

Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p which has been shown to control diabetes naturally. In recent years, diabetes has risen to be one of the most prevalent lifestyle diseases around the world. According to WHO, in the year 2014, 422 million people were diagnosed with diabetes across the world. It also pointed out the rapid increase of the condition in the past 3 decades.

A diet full of foods with low glycaemic index, low on carbs and whole-grain foods is often suggested to those with the condition. Aerated sugary drinks are a strict no-no but certain fresh juices can be a good option.  However, one juice can load up on and that may also help regulate your blood sugar levels naturally- Karela juice.

Karela (or bitter gourd) is one vegetable that has been lauded by experts for its many health benefits, one of it is regulating the blood sugar levels. Dr. Anju Sood, a Bangalore-based Nutritionist, echoes the fact and says “Karela juice makes your insulin active which in turn uses the sugar adequately and not convert into fat, which would eventually help in weight loss too”. Various studies have also found a few active substances with anti-diabetic properties in Karela like ‘charantin’ which is famous for its blood glucose-lowering effect. Food.ndtv

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