• 13 Jan
    South Africa – Alleged lemon juice dumping

    South Africa – Alleged lemon juice dumping

    Makers of lemon juice in South Africa may be slapped with anti-dumping duties by the US, if a petition against them succeeds. Last December, a US citrus juice maker, Ventura Coastal, filed a petition with the United States International Trade Commission, requesting that the US government impose anti-dumping duties on lemon juice from South Africa and Brazil. It alleges that lemon juice from South Africa and Brazil is sold at less than fair value in the US.

    Should the petition succeed and anti-dumping tariffs be imposed, South Africa’s juice processors will be left with a lemon juice glut, Andre Swart, managing director of Venco Fruit, has commented. Venco Fruit is one of the juice makers named in the investigation.

    Lemon-juice makers would not only generate less revenue, but they will have to target alternate export destinations in a world that is already experiencing an oversupply of lemon juice, Swart said. “It means that we will have much less imports in the USA and we have to find other markets for that depending on the duty that they raise eventually,” Swart said. But, he said the world currently has an excess of lemon juice. The US trade commission expects to deliver its determinations on the lemon juice anti-dumping probe this month. FreshFruitPortal

    By Caroline Calder News
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