30th August 2017

Yuzu increasing in popularity with innovative chefs

Chefs looking to innovate to satisfy consumers who are continually looking to try something different are discovering Yuzu as one answer.

Previously Yuzu had limited availability outside of its native country Japan, but this is all changing now with supplies becoming more plentiful in the UK and chefs becoming more aware of the fruit’s potential in ice creams and juices.

“We have a long list of yuzu fans who have asked to be advised as soon as fresh yuzu becomes available,” says Jon Old, general manager of The Wasabi Company, which supplies the fresh fruit, juice, purée and yuzu trees themselves. “Interest and sales are increasing every year,” Old adds. “Fresh yuzu juice is available all year round and this is gaining in popularity with sales increasing 200% year-on-year.

Yuzu is known as ‘The King of Citrus’, notes Old. “The juice combines grapefruit and mandarin flavours with unrivalled zest,” he claims. “The skin of the fresh fruit carries a powerful hit of citrus with a striking, floral aroma.”

Source: Produce Business UK


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