16th July 2017

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) seals substandard juice factories 

PAKISTAN   The PFA sealed a Juice factory in Lahore’s Manga Mandi for producing sub-standard juice and then disposed of about 4,000 kilogrammes of prepared pulp that had been made ready for making the juice. This was followed by another factory being sealed at Kasur where the PFA seized about 35,000 litres of prepared juice and 45,000 litres of pulp.

Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin detailing the activity revealed that the factory workers were using chemicals to increase the quantity of the pulp. The minister also stated that the factory had been sealed in the past as well for the same reason, but it reopened after the factory owner promised to improve the quality of the juice, which he did not.

PFA director Rafia Haider stated that the factory workers were ‘using textile colours to prepare substandard juices’. To make matters worse according to medical examinations, many of the factory workers were found to be suffering from hepatitis, which is a serious breach of food safety regulations.

Source: Daily Pakistan

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