12th March 2017

HPP cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juices from Vegesentials are now available on 

The multiple international award-winning high-pressure pasteurized (HPP) cold-pressed fruit and vegetable drink brand Vegesentials is now available on In 2016, the UK-based Vegesentials Ltd. partnered with Michigan-based Vegesentials USA, LLC to manufacture and distribute the Vegesentials line of juices throughout North America.

“Our biggest concern as a company is customer health,” said Daniel Hoops, Vegesentials USA co-founder. “When you look at the vast array of cold-pressed juices sold on the Internet, few use the HPP technology. In addition to our juices having longer shelf life, we know that there is little to no risk of salmonella, ecoli, and other food-borne bacteria because we use HPP.”

Source: PRWEB/Vegesentials

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