12th March 2017

Giving wonky fruit a chance: How two young entrepreneurs have turned food waste into a business model

A pair of young entrepreneurs Maciek Kacprzyk, and Karina Sudenyte based in Cardiff in Wales, have set up a natural juice business in order to tackle what they see as the growing problem of waste and inefficiency in food and drink production. Get Wonky produce a variety of juices made from hand-picked fruit, regardless of its shape or size and the juices are predominantly available as catering options for events. The pair also plan to branch out into the major UK retail outlets. Flavours include Strawberry & Apple, Blackcurrant & Apple and Carrot & Apple among others. Maciek said: “Get Wonky was born out of a desire to combat the massive problem of food waste in Europe. Recycling waste is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and we want to change that reality.”


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