16th January 2020

Asia – Coconut Palm Group Co and fruit juice in Cambodia

Coconut Palm Group is planning to invest in coconut plantations and set up a factory in Cambodia to produce fruit juice, said its general manager Zhao Bo at a recent meeting with Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon.

The company is the biggest natural plant protein soft drink producer in China and specialises in processing tropical fruits such as coconuts. Sakhon said the ministry is pleased to support the company’s investments in Cambodia.

“If we incorporate suitable growing techniques for producers, it will help to boost coconut production with high prices and good demand,” Sakhon said, adding that the ministry estimates that the company will need some 14,000ha for the plantation.

“We need to study the demand for the nut and its market potential before establishing a natural juice factory to supply the domestic and international markets,” he said.

Zhao said the Coconut Palm Group, located in Hainan, has annual revenues of USD400 million and uses 600,000 coconuts a day in its production. The company also employs 6,000 workers and exports its juices to 38 countries. Phnompenhpost

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