16th November 2017

Argentina is one of the world’s main exporters of concentrated juices

ARGENTINA.  Dino Troni, Coca Cola’s general manager for Latin America has been quoted as saying that Argentina’s citrus industry is one of the most competitive worldwide and is the main exporter of concentrated juices in the world. Mr Troni says that because concentrated juice is an important element in the Coca cola beverage industry a key aspect for them is the question of seasonality, which plays an increasing factor in national production both in lemons and sweet citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, tangerines). When there is no production in the northern hemisphere. “Argentina has the capacity to deliver juices and concentrates that are enjoyed all over the world. The country has a natural capacity to develop these markets because of its climate and because it’s production takes place in the counter season of the northern hemisphere,” he added.

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