16th January 2020

US – Energy drinks making monster profits

Shares of energy-drinks expert Monster Beverage have absolutely crushed the market over the last decade, report Nasdaq. The stock returned a whopping 896% since the end of 2009. Over the last two years, however, Monster’s shares traded almost exactly sideways, with a total gain of 1%.

The company then known as Hansen Natural posted full-year net sales of USD1.14 billion in 2009. Energy drinks were still a relatively new and exciting concept, and the company’s flagship brand of Monster Energy was stealing market share from arch-rival Red Bull on a regular basis. A decade later, Monster has changed its name and replaced a ramshackle distribution system with a global partnership with Coca-Cola. As part of that deal, Monster now manages all of Coke’s energy-drink products, while the soft-drink giant took over Hansen’s non-energized juice and fruit-flavoured products. Coca-Cola also holds a 17% ownership stake in Monster Beverage.

Now ‘workout’ is the new rage in energy drinks

A brand new category of energy drinks entered the market in a big way last year, led by the workout-boosting drink known as Bang Energy from privately held company Vital Pharmaceuticals. Monster was quick to launch its own workout-energy drink, Reign Total Body Fuel. Vital Pharma and Monster have been slinging lawsuits at each other since the spring of 2019, with each company arguing that the other is using unfair business tactics of various forms.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola introduced a Coke-branded energy drink in dozens of international markets with plans to extend this new brand into the US next year. Nasdaq

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