2nd January 2017

Cold pressed charcoal. Will it be the latest new juice to hit the shelves in 2017?

With charcoal based products becoming more readily available in the UK such as charcoal and chia seed-topped bagels and charcoal and sesame seed biscuits being stocked by Waitrose it was only a matter of time before a charcoal based juice arrived.

Botanic Lab, a London based company are a producer of the juice which includes raw cane grass, lemon juice and yuzu fruit which results in a ‘lemonade’ tasting drink. Waitrose has seen an ongoing climb in sales since it was launched in September last year with a rise of 100 per cent month on month.

As with all new trends in juices, there is always celebrity take-up and charcoal juice is no different. Amelia Freer who has furthered the careers of many stars (including James Corden) is reported to have explained that charcoal juice “binds with toxins to speed their safe elimination from the body” and rehydrates “more effectively than water”. Charcoal is “poised to become a mainstay of the cleanse ritual”.

Conversely Charlotte Stirling-Reed, registered nutritionist and media expert for the Nutrition Society, is a bit more cautious urging consumers to be wary and to seek medical advice before taking any supplements containing charcoal as it can affect absorption of medicines and might not be appropriate for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Source: Daily Telegraph UK

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